Monday, April 14, 2008


Meg at sunset at Hut Point.

Change your socks changed your attitude. Changes in latitude lead to changes in attitude. No matter how you look at it, attitude is everything. Do you go to sleep with a smile? Do you wake up with one? Do you make the choice to be in a good mood? I realize there are a lot of events beyond our control, but we still choose our reaction.

Meg and Annie, two people with the best attitude EVER!

A lot of my attitude depends on my ability to get out and do the things I love. If I don't have those things, I need good people to prop me up and let me steal some of their good energy. Unfortunately, I'm not too close to too many people down here who will be sure to notice and pick my mopey butt up. I'm getting those friendships slowly though. The past couple weeks have been pretty tough for me because of a negative attitude (hence the lack of blogging). My lack of sleep, having a bum ankle, and the incessant complaining about corporate policies (like changing the date of WinFly) have been rubbing on me. I finally realized it and made the choice to be more positive. It worked. That simple. Each and everyday, I simply made the choice and wah-lah, better day. Make the choice, sometimes known as fake it until you make it.

Annie at Hut Point.

Tomorrow the last flight leaves. We'll be down to 120+ people for five months. No one knows when we are leaving yet due to some changes coming up in the program. It is an interesting state of limbo to not know what to base my future plans on. As I hinted at earlier, a lot of people are fussing a good bit about it. Hopefully, that will change when the flight leaves. In the mean time, I'll start planing for tomorrow 2pm when it gets a whole lot quieter. There are a lot of good people leaving and it is going to be interesting to see how base changes. Even if a lot of people are excited to see them go so they can settle into their winter routines, the extended season people will be missed.

Meg and I at Hut Point.

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