Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Calling me in Antarctica

Sunset last night.

There seems to be a little confusion about time zones and calling me in Antarctica. To call, you must choose one of these three numbers.

1.800.688.8606 x42604 (has voice mail, only available outside the 303/720 area codes)
1.303.790.8606 x42604 (has voice mail)

These three phone numbers ring two different phones in my office. I am scheduled to work from 7:30am-5pm, but I'm not always here. I eat lunch. I work out. I meet. When I actually work on a computer, I go to where it is so it can be difficult to reach me during a busy week. I feel the best time to reach me is Mon-Sat 8am-10am (paperwork time) followed by 2pm-4pm (downtime if there aren't any work orders).

I'm on New Zealand time which is currently 17 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. To me, that means I'm 7 hours behind, but a day head.

Mon-Sat 8am-10am my time translates to:
Sun-Fri 3pm-5pm Pennsylvania/Massachusetts
Sun-Fri 2pm-4pm Wisconsin!
Sun-Fri 1pm-3pm Colorado
Sun-Fri 12pm-2pm California/Oregon

Mon-Sat 2pm-4pm my time translates to:
Sun-Fri 9pm-11pm Pennsylvania/Massachusetts
Sun-Fri 7pm-9pm Colorado
Sun-Fri 6pm-8pm Colorado
Sun-Fri 6pm-8pm California/Oregon

IMPORTANT: On April 6th, New Zealand will leave Day Light Savings time, so then I'll be 16 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Subtract an hour from all the above times after that happens.

A swing in the BFC being used after the travelogue.