Monday, March 31, 2008

2nd to last flight

Castle Rock and Mt. Erebus

This set of pictures was taken over a month ago when the next to last flight of summer was leaving. Not too much to say about it, just a lot to show. It was amazing to get such a nice day when they were leaving because it had been bad weather more often than not that last couple weeks of mainbody (summer).

Mt. Terror from the Castle Rock loop trail.

Me in front of Castle Rock.

B-Nelson, Mt. Hood resident, research tech, and a constant source of laughter.

Looking at my backside while I am climbing up the back side of Castle Rock.

Looking down at Brian's head while he heads up Castle Rock.

Fabulous clouds over Mt. Terror.

Inaccessible, Tent, Razorback islands and Cape Evans.

Mt. Erebus from Castle Rock.

The next to last plane leaving (picture from B-Nelson).

The trail back to town.

Castle Rock with Joe L on top.

Brian and I leaving Castle Rock (picture by Joe L.)

Me on Castle Rock with Mt. Erebus in the background.


  1. wow - breathtaking scenery!
    i would love to see your part of the world.

  2. is the last flight in august when you leave?

  3. No. The last flight was Feb 23rd-ish for summer. Extended season has one flight April 17th and then none until next WinFly which is August.