Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Black, It's White!!

Black & White party at the BFC

I'm a little behind on random blog happenings, so today is a catch up day. Just a single picture from the BFC's Black & White party. I think this was the Friday before New Year's Eve. The theme was simple, come dressed up in black and white and dance under UV lights. I put on my mandarin collared suit with my under armour shirt underneath. They were the only black and white clothes that that I have here. Off came the keens and on went the dancing shoes. It was the first night that I have really danced here. Such a good night. Points to Meg for making sure I went when I was feeling tired.

I've been feeling run down these past couple weeks. I think it is a little bit of a lack of sleep, but more a lack of schedule. I haven't been working out regularly to rest for the marathon, because I got off my schedule, and partly because I'm lazy. The marathon is in ten days and after that I should get back to working out a little bit more regularly. Of course, a little bit now would help for the marathon too. Such is life. So far about twenty five people are signed up.

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