Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's turkey day!!!

Today is turkey day!! However, we are working right through it. Instead, we'll have get the day off on Saturday to celebrate. This will be out first two day weekend of the summer season. I'm pretty excited, especially since I've gotten a little sick over the past week because I haven't been able to sleep well. Other people are excited because they are going to consider the next three days as Thanksgiving and eat accordingly. Today is the official day. Tomorrow, they'll call home and eat some more. Saturday, we'll have our feast.

Our feast day will start out with a 5K Turkey Trot. I am tentatively going to run it. I've never done a 5K before. After that, we can choose from four different dinners. You can only sign up for one though - 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, or midnight (for the night workers). You head in, BYOB, eat a lot, drink a lot, and enjoy your new friends and family. I was in the kitchen yesterday and they are already thawing out a ton of turkeys. However, I've heard that the Antarctic edition of the Thanksgiving includes the Antarctic cod. It is a 200-350 lb fish that one researcher catches for us to eat.

After dinner, what you do is up to everyone. My group of ten will probably be going sledding and then heading out for game night. I'm excited for it. Other people may drink themselves into a stupor. Some might watch movies and sleep. It should be a great two day weekend no matter what and I am looking forward to it.

Earlier last week, I would have sworn we would not be able to sled near base because so much snow has melted over the past week or two from here. However, a couple days ago we got some snow. I'm pretty excited about it. Officially, we'll only get 10-20 inches of snow down here all year. The reason we have so much overall is that once it snows, it doesn't melt. Our snow in town only melts because of all the human activity around it. I'm thankful for snow today :-) but still miss rain. The last good rain I rememer is the one I caught biking in with Sam Geboff. Good times. Denver times.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!

SNOW over Observation Hill!!


  1. We saw more penguins today then you have!!!!

  2. Please tell me you took a picture of the giant cod. Sounds crazy. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and birthday. Miss you.

  3. A friend and I went hiking on Friday -- and while it snowed, I'm sure it was no where near Antarctica style snow. :)